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Helping a Friend Break the Habit

One of my friends used to play video games a lot. He played them so much that I would say that he was addicted. His mom was worried about him because he would spend all of his time in front of his computer screen. One day she asked me if I could do something to get him to play less, because she tried and nothing worked. I came up with the perfect idea involving black escorts in Las Vegas. People can turn down many things for video games, but escorts isn’t one of them.

My plan was to have my friend meet up with one of the escorts and spend enough time with them that he wouldn’t want to play video games anymore, or at least not as much. Continue reading “Helping a Friend Break the Habit”

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Better Peace of Mind with ADT

I never thought I needed to consider home security systems because of the area that I live in. I was raised in the same small town that I live in now, and it had always been a safe haven for me. All of that changed when crime started spreading west of the big city that is an hour from me. Unfortunately, I am to the west. Gang members have been seen in the area, and drug arrests have gone up. When those two things happen, crime statistics go up too.

We just have a small police force, so this took our town by surprise when we started having a lot of trouble. It is not as bad as living in a big city, but it is still heartbreaking for those of us who thought we would remain untouched by big city problems. I knew that I wanted to do everything in my power to protect my family, which is why I wanted to look at different companies that provide the home security systems. Continue reading “Better Peace of Mind with ADT”