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Better Peace of Mind with ADT

I never thought I needed to consider home security systems because of the area that I live in. I was raised in the same small town that I live in now, and it had always been a safe haven for me. All of that changed when crime started spreading west of the big city that is an hour from me. Unfortunately, I am to the west. Gang members have been seen in the area, and drug arrests have gone up. When those two things happen, crime statistics go up too.

We just have a small police force, so this took our town by surprise when we started having a lot of trouble. It is not as bad as living in a big city, but it is still heartbreaking for those of us who thought we would remain untouched by big city problems. I knew that I wanted to do everything in my power to protect my family, which is why I wanted to look at different companies that provide the home security systems. I looked at several in the area, but only one stood out to me, and that is ADT.

Their reputation is very strong, and I liked everything I read about them online. I was even more pleased when I saw all that I would be getting for just around 60 bucks a month. I was happy to know that all of my windows and doors were going to be protected with sensors, and that I would have signs in the yard warning people who are up to no good that surveillance is taking place. I know that if I was a criminal, I would want to skip a house that had home security signs in the yard. Now that I have this system installed, it does give me better peace of mind with what is going on all around us.